SIA "Lielauces Kliņģeris"
Common Stinkhorn, lollipops, recreation centre

In the recreation centre, which is located in the territory of the nature park "Vīķu purvs" by Lake Lielauce, 3 summer bungalows, a trailer, and a bath house with all amenities are offered. All houses and the trailer are provided with electricity. There is also a possibility to drive here with your own trailer and connect to the local drain.

Remedial bath house

In the recreation centre, you can use a remedial bath house for up to 25 people for the relaxation of your family.

We supply the bath house with spring water, which has been researched and analysed in laboratories of Canada. We also offer the Common Stinkhorn juice and extracts for rubbing in after using the bath house.

The geological office has awarded us with the spring certificate - "Baronu Avots".

Playground for childrens

Families with children are welcomed at the recreational centre.

Children can swim in the ponds, ride in a boat, go fishing, play in the playground, which has wooden playing constructions. A football and volleyball pitch is available, too. We advise a walk in the park territory at the manor house of Lielauce.

For older children, we offer to try boats with wooden oars.