Common stinkhorn

Biological description of Phallus Impudicus mushroom.

The Latin name Phallus impudicus, which means "shameless fall", was acquired in the 18th century by the Dutch physician and botanist Persedon, because the fungus really resembles phallus.

Mushrooms grow from late June to early September. In warm autumns, they can also be found until the first frosts. The flesh is white, similar to a chicken egg, filled with a clotted mass. The fungus grows in 20 - 30 cm in a few minutes. At the top of the mushroom is a dark brown hat, which spreads a very unpleasant odor. This smell attracts flies, which quickly eat the clotted hat, then spreading the spores.

Due to its rapid growth (half an inch per minute), the fungus has even been in the Guinness Book of Records.

In both food and medicine, it is used only at the egg stage, and it can also be eaten fresh.

Below is a link to the scientific literature on the study of ground fat mushrooms.


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