It happened somehow many years ago, that a friend and kids favorite arrived in our family – his name was Shtafik, the Staffordshire terrier. He was a good guard, smart and solid pet.

That’s the way the world wags this dogs breed is comparatively not a long-living one, the mean value is 8 years.

While reaching this stage, our friend started felt sick. He was drinking a lot, urinate for this reason and grizzle as well. We fall within to get him to the doctor. His first words were, “We can’t do anything due to the dog’s elderly age. He has benign prostatic hyperplasia. The surgery was allowed for him only when he was from 2 to 4 years, now there is no reason on doing this. And it will be more badly in the future.”

“What do you mean saying “More badly”, my daughter asked on the hinges.

“Well, it is like serious pain, being unable to urinate; as a result, probably we would euthanize him.”

It was worth nothing to say that these words had seriously disappointed us.

As I saw my daughter in tears being at a loss when we were on our way back home, I said with no belief in my own words, “We must cure him, let’s give him a stinkhorn juice. Just mix it with water, let him drink it.”

That was a plan. To cut long story short, the dog liked a juice without spirit.

In a month the dog started fell better, and in three more months veterinarian was amazed as dogs prostate bounced back.

Shtafik is 16 now. He has no problems; he will not have any problem. He could surprise people as well. Being on a walk, he wrenches the lead from my hands while seeing opposite sex subject. No wonder the Ancient Romans was taking this mushroom before frolicking.

It just turned out that way Prof. Kuznetsov have tested his juice on mice, while I have a real-life image of Staffordshire.

The animals dislike spirit, and the preservatives bases juice is unsuitable.

If you want to extend your pet’s quality life, don’t hesitate to add to their bowl the natural juice with no spirit in purposes of prophylaxis.

We wish strong health to you and your loved ones.

All the best!

P.S. from Shtafik:


Believe in it and live a healthy life!


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