Common Stinkhorn
SIA "Lielauces Kliņģeris"

Since ancient times, the Common Stinkhorn is used as an alternative method for treating oncology. We offer juice made of this mushroom without any preservatives in tehnique that is used only in this company.

The Common Stinkhorn is used:

  • for prevention and treatment of malign and benign tumours, as well as after beam therapy and chemotherapy
  • for treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcer, duodenum, liver, kidneys, and also rheumatism and podagra
  • for treatment of gynecopathies – myoma, uterine tumour, mastopathy
  • for treatment of prostate; increase of potence
  • for treatment of haemorrhoids and a fissure of rectum
  • as a resolvent
  • for immunity strengthening - phytoncides of the mushroom kill viruses of herpes, flu, hepatitis
  • for treatment of scars, burns, frostbites, eczema, psoriasis, trophic ulcer
  • for decreasing of cholesterol level and diminishing of blood pressure
  • for reducing of stress-caused consequences